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Data and HR

Hadar Ron

Data and HR

Data and HR

Data-driven decision-making is where data overlaps with people, and this enables magic to happen. It helps us predict and incentivize behavior that accelerate a positive culture.

The more we grow, it becomes clear to us at Pliops that we need to analyze the data available to us with a decision-support system that accommodates analytics and outlooks. Some people may think HR is not something you can measure, but we at Pliops seek to make our HR smarter, by using data instead of just relying on our gut feelings. We believe that better decision making in HR is a necessity. It helps us grow - not only fast but also right, and this is a major differentiator.

Few examples that can help you in your day-to-day:
• Focus on diversity – we monitor which HC profiles we have in the company, age & generation, gender, academic background, their last working place etc.
By pooling out the data and just look at it, we can learn a lot and be more aware to our blind spots.
• Satisfactory Survey - we appreciate any feedback and take it seriously. We often ask our employees what works and what else we can do better. It should be very short and to the point – something you can track and yet learn from it.
• Constantly shaping and improving our hiring process and candidate’s experience – we collect feedback from candidates, also from those who eventually don’t work with us. We monitor and track relevant information about the length of hiring process, to which positions, the source for the CV for each position and many more attributes that important for us.
• Employment termination – we analyze attrition reasons, from which teams, seniority in the company, role, age, where there signs along the way etc.
• Your point is stronger when it leans on facts. When you want to illustrate a point, whether if it is for your management, CEO, investors, or the board, you must be able to provide figures and data.
• Data sharing helps build trust and positive communication. It portrays the company as a learning organization that seeks to improve, thus reinforcing the collaboration between the company and its employees.
Eventually, data analytics is a great tool for HR to develop a positive culture. You can do it simply by using available tools you already have. All you need is the curiosity to learn and the passion to constantly improve your organization. For a start, focus on those 1-2 things that important for you and track them. you will be amazed from the secrets you will discover 😊

To learn more about HR@Pliops you are welcome to contact me at

Pliops is a startup with an audacious vision: to tackle the data explosion on behalf of individual companies and the world at large. Pliops was founded in 2017 by data architecture experts who devised an ingenious solution to the problems that arise when massive data growth collides with the shortcomings of existing compute and storage systems.
Leading investors believe in Pliops’ vision, to the tune of $115 million to date—and counting. CRN named Pliops as one of the 10 hottest semiconductor startups in 2020. And Pliops teams in Israel and the United States are working in partnership with the world’s leading technology to make vision a reality.
Pliops has more than 100 employees worldwide, with it’s exciting offices in Attirum tower in Ramat Gan.

Data and HR
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