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Appealing Referral Program

Adi Stern

Appealing Referral Program

Appealing Referral Program

Redis Labs is a dual unicorn company ($2B valuations) in a hyper-growth mode.

We are currently 550 employees, in more than 10 countries, and we plan to scale to 750 employees by the end of the year.
At Redis Labs, we use a variety of resources to source talent, and one of the most powerful resources is internal referrals.

In 2020, 47% of our hires came through referrals from existing employees, and we aim to keep it the same and even higher in 2021.

We put a lot of thought into how to make the referral program more appealing and meaningful.
We wanted to encourage our employees not only to pass along CVs but also to be involved in the hiring process, become an ambassador of Redis Labs, and advocate for Redis Labs.

The reward is being paid to any company employee, with the exception of: VP level and higher, managers who refer candidates to their own team, HR department.

To make it fair and measurable, when an employee refers a candidate, he/she has to indicate what level of referral he/she can commit to, and the bonus is given based on the employee's commitment and support through the process, in conjunction with the recruiter's recommendation.

We're happy to see that there was a lot of excitement around the tiered model, and we see positive results!

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Appealing Referral Program
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